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Assumptions is Warwick Economics Society’s official magazine and blog, covering a range of topics including economics, finance, and current affairs. Our blog is updated regularly with exciting and engaging articles written by our junior editors. We also publish a termly magazine, which is now online.

Below are the articles and topics covered by previous assumptions teams. Each year the team chooses an overriding topic such as Gender in Economics or Justice. All legacy articles are available on this page.

The Assumptions team is composed of our editor - Jack - and a group of junior editors. If you are interested in writing for us, please contact the editors at



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By Assumptions X Insights

The fight for justice can be economic, political, or moral, but it is often rooted in a sense that existing conditions are unfair, and an overwhelming need to fix them. This year has proved this, as the fight for justice has moved people out into the streets in protest, and has sparked fiery debate all over the world. 

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