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Pillars of Justice

 A message from your Editors

The fight for justice can be economic, political, or moral, but it is often rooted in a sense that existing conditions are unfair, and an overwhelming need to fix them. This year has proved this, as they fight for justice has moved people out into the streets in protest, and has sparked fiery debate all over the world. 

But what is justice? Is it creating a level playing field, or tipping the scales in favour of smaller players? Is it a matter of retribution or rehabilitation?

Furthermore, how can we successfully achieve justice?

Our Winter Magazine seeks to provide some answers, looking at the pursuit of justice in the economy, society, legal system, and technological sphere.

-Molly Lambert, Alisha Doshi, Lily Pitcher & Will McMahon (2020/2021 Exec)


Stacks of Coins

The Economy

Image by Maxime Bhm



The Legal System

Using Mobile Phone

Technology and the Internet

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