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Warwick Economics Society's main Charity is Eduspots. This year we have introduced a legacy goal to raise £10,000 for the charity to fund the construction of a library in Ghana. We aim to raise money throughout the year through our socials and other events for Eduspots. 


Eduspots connect, train, and equip over 300 local volunteers who are keen to drive community-led change through education centres named ‘Spots’.

They are a Ghana national registered NGO and a UK registered charity. 

Since 2015, together, they have created a network of 50 physical Spots or libraries in Ghana and Kenya, most of which we built or renovated, and many of which are solar-powered. Communities also typically donate labour, land and resources to the construction process. During the pandemic, these education spaces have often been a key source of learning and educational resources in our communities.

Their greatest resource, however, is their volunteers. The Spots are led and owned by community committees comprising local educational leaders, traditional leaders, political leaders, teachers, students, parents and wider community members. These committees build local volunteer teams, whom they connect centrally via WhatsApp, conferences and online programmes. Students start to echo the volunteerism they benefit from and see role modelled. On the ground, EduSpots feels like a movement for community-led change.

Progress to £10,000

Our Charity Officers

Nina Yamaguchi

Aaryan Haria

IMG_7133 - Nina Yamaguchi.jpg
IMG_7695 - AAHA 1110_edited.png

 Charity Events 2023/24

Charity Pie in the Face    
Charity Football Tournament
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