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Summer Party

June 18 2015

Warwick Economics Society announced our first ever SUMMER PARTY, that took place on Thursday 18th June!

It was perfect setting to celebrate the end of exams and the beginning of summer, (especially for those unlucky few that finish later than the rest)!

– BBQ menu: chicken, hot dogs, and burgers for the meat eaters, and for all the veggies we’ve got stuffed peppers, spicy bean burgers and halloumi skewers!

– DJ
– Bouncy Castle & Slide, and Water Slip’n’Slide
– Facepainting & henna, proceeds of which will go to Project Care Charity

The Future of Finance Panel

September 29 2014

This year we invited experts from a variety of field of finance including; TRADING, MICROFINANCE, ASSET MANAGEMENT & POLICY MAKING.

The Panel:

DR JONATHAN CAVE- the event will be chaired by Dr Cave who is a WBS professor with expertise in financial economics, regulation and the analysis of policy.


as a former Managing Director at Morgan Stanley and Executive Director at Deutsche Bank, Dr Cooper has a breadth of experience in Asset Management. He is also the author of ‘Money Blood, and Revolution’ – The premise of his book is that the internal inconsistencies between economic theories – the apparently unresolvable debates between leading economists and the incoherent policies of our governments – are symptomatic of economics being in a crisis.

GERRY BOYLE- CARE International UK’s Senior Policy Adviser on Private Sector Engagement. He has previously been Head of Business Relations at Oxfam GB, and before that was a management consultant for thirty years, including being a Consulting Partner at Deloitte.

ANNA IRRERA- As a journalist for Financial News, a Dow Jones newspaper in London, she writes about FINTECH and Market Structure. The role of FINTECH will be playing a crucial role in the financial world over the coming years so it will be invaluable to hear what Anna has to say!

DR PETER BOONE- A visiting senior fellow at the London School of Economics (LSE) and a Principal at Salute Capital Management. From 1997–2003 he was managing partner and research director at Brunswick-UBS, an investment bank based in Moscow. His areas of expertise include capital markets, transition economies, debt relief, financial crises, emerging markets and macroeconomic policy.

TIM LUSCOMBE- Author of “Deal Finance” the business leaders guide to business sales, acquisitions and raising money. He specializes in Corporate Finance, M&A experience, strategic planning and execution focusing on the longer term, including business structures for the next phase of growth and overseas development.His core expertise is in making successful acquisitions in the SME sector, which add real value to acquisitive businesses.

Tim Harford

October 7 2014

On TUESDAY 7th OCTOBER we kicked off our 2014/5 speaker series with a bang with our key note speaker TIM HARFORD!!

As the author of ‘THE UNDERCOVER ECONOMIST’ he’s on pretty much every university’s prereq reading list in the country. He works with the BBC, writes for the FT, Forbes, NY times and the Washington post and is also an award-winning speaker. More intuitively, via emails, he just seems like a really decent guy.

We’ve been pestering him for YEARS to come and talk, and 2014 is the year he’s finally given in following the release of his latest book: THE UNDERCOVER ECONOMIST STRIKES BACK.

THE FIRST 250 ARRIVALS ALSO RECEIVED A FREE CITI PAPERPAD AND PEN (***new and exciting***) to make note of anything Harford’s got you musing over.

More coming soon