Each year, Warwick Economics Society facilitates a book sale at the start of Term 1 to allow students to easily buy and sell course textbooks for Economics and related modules.

Sell books

If you are a non-first year student and have used, but complete, books to sell, we will attempt to match you with a buyer from October 2nd onwards if you fill out this short form for each book:

We can no longer offer a physical book sale event due to the volume of uncollected books and money in previous years, and limited storage space afforded to us.

Buy books

Register your interest to buy a range of books now, and we will contact you as one becomes available. We are still processing some books due to the large volume of sales requests – more will be available soon.

Module-Code  Book Title  Availability  Link
EC123  Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis  Good (18/10/17)  Register interest
EC124  Statistics: Learning From Data (Roxy Peck)  Limited availability (19/10/17)  Register interest
EC124  Statistics for business and economics (Anderson, Sweeney, Williams, Freeman and Shoesmith)  No availability (19/10/17)
EC124  Statistics for business and economics (Newbold, Carlson and Thorne)  No availability (19/10/17)
EC132  Strategy – Intermediate microeconomics: a modern approach (Varian)  No availability (19/10/17)
EC109  Microeconomics: Theory and Applications with Calculus (Perloff)  Good (19/10/17)  Register interest
EC108  Macroeconomics: institutions, instability and the financial system (Carlin and Soskice)  No availability (19/10/17)
 Other modules  Check back soon

Please note it may take a few days to hear back from us. We will process requests as fast as we can and update this page with availability daily.